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Fashion fix with nina garcia Are blazers still in?I have a ton several velvet ones, but also houndstooth, corduroy, etc.All of which could go with either jeans or slacks.I used to wear them all the time to work in particular with jeans and heels for casual friday but lately have been feeling a bit dated in that look with all the slouchy cardigans around.Slouchy cardigans neither say"Professional"To me, nor do they flatter my hourglass figure the way a fitted blazer does, but i don't want to be out of style either.Can i still wear my little jackets and blazers?They are so practical with a scarf for our randomly seasonal weather here in michael kors satchels fulton san francisco.Thanks! Hi there!You're talking to the right woman blazers are my absolute favorite.If my closet were burning, it'd be my collection of jackets i would save they always make me feel pulled together.Don't get me wrong, i love a good cardigan too, but a jacket especially one with sharp shoulders, interesting buttons, or a unique collar always looks michael kors shoulder bags the most fashion forward.Definitely keep on wearing them!In warmer weather you might also try a structured sleeveless vest gives you a jacket like look but it's a little cooler and a good summer option. My daughter and i have seen all the episodes through season 6 of project runway. (We rent the season videos and have not seen the subsequent shows. )We very much enjoy the shows, but feel that there are too few challenges that we can relate to.We enjoy the challenges such as fashion for a postal carrier delivery person, for parents, for men, but there are too few of these. (How many of the viewers have ever met a drag queen, let alone would be able to relate to how a drag queen would want to dress? ) Glad you both are fans and yes, to some a number of our challenges might seem a bit unrealistic.Our goal is to stretch contestants' imaginations and make them think outside the box kind of like how certain math and science classes are required in high school, yet you know you'll never need to use much of what you learn in day to day life.We try to mix more outlandish challenges, though, with practical ones designing for pregnant women, plus sizes, integrating original prints, creating looks for a cocktail or garden party, etc. Hi there!I'm pregnant with twins and i don't feel like spending a fortune on a wardrobe that i will wear for only a few months.I'm trying to buy as many versatile non maternity clothes as possible, so that i can wear them even after the pregnancy.I've been stocking up on oversized cardigans figuring i can wear them open, and regular layering pieces, like james pearce tops, which are typically pretty long.Although the bump is growing, the rest of me is still my usual size 2 self.Pants i'll have to give in on obviously, but i'm wondering if anyone else out there made it through a pregnancy pretty much avoiding maternity tops.Any suggestions on how to do so or where to shop for versatile clothes are more than welcome!Thanks! She might have fun with where girls can customize clothes to purchase.And there are some fun fashion design kits out there for girls.The ones i saw that i liked had small light tables and you trace your designs from different templates, then color them in.Try searching the amazon toys section or toys r us for design or design.Or try crafts stores like michaels, i seen the kits there too.The problem is that you're getting larger in one specific place, and simply buying longer tops won't cut it.They won't be big enough in the right place.Being pregnant is awkward enough without worrying about your clothes.I'd recommend checking craigslist, thrift stores, and consignment stores for affordable options.Also, talk to your friends and see if anyone else around your size has any maternity clothes, or perhaps someone knows someone.I found good pieces at motherhood maternity(On sale).Good luck!

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